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To use warranty, please check our general warranty conditions on our website and always save the purchase receipt. FSN respects the warranty conditions of the manufacturer and follow it in its procedures. Before making warranty claims, it is important that you carefully read the warranty conditions. Claims under these guarantee conditions must be submitted through Fiets Service Nederland. Fiets Service Nederland will decide, in consultation with Bicycle Industry Group (BIG), whether or not you are entitled to claim for compensation under the guarantee. The dealer’s assessment does not mean that your claim under these guarantee conditions will be allowed.

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How do I request a free proposition?
If you want to apply for one or more products such as repairs
that are not covered by the warranty or parts. Ask for a free
proposition please and contact us by telephone or send a email to We will send you a free proposition
as soon as possible or call you back.
If you are looking for a product, but cannot find it on our website,
please contact us. Our product specialists and account managers will
check for you if we can deliver the product or look for a comparable product.

Please note that it is useful to guarantee
provisions and general maintenance instructions
good read before you call our service department.
This prevents problems and disappointments later.